Laptop Buying Tips: Choose Laptop base on the Type (part 1)

>> Oct 3, 2009

There are several laptop's type available on the market. Generally laptop or notebook PC can be broken down onto several types. Below classification might be different with other IT expert opinion, but at least having read this explanation will help you decide which type of laptop/notebook that right for you.

My laptop classifications are:

1. Budget
2. All-Purpose
3. Business
4. Ultraportable
5. Desktop Replacement
6. Gaming
7. Tablet PC

Lets go through each type one by one.

1. Budget Laptops / Budget Notebooks
Budget Netbook is a model with price as a consideration, it is suit for buyer who need notebook/laptops with basic function at affordable price. Basic function doesn't mean you can't get plenty of feature and power. Dual core CPUs, wide LCD screen now available on BUDGET NOTEBOOK. The laptop's price tends to decrease everytime new model arise in the market
This type of notebook is appropriate for
- Basic/fundamental computing needs such as basic multimedia, web surving, e-mail application etc.
- Student
- Work from home type business: blogging, content writer, search engine submission service etc
- Business person who doesn't need advanced security and also durability

2. All Purpose Notebook/laptop
This type of notebook/laptop are intended for a broad range of customer. From families, student, young proffesional, IT person to senior proffesional. Some feature that embeded on all purpose notebook/laptop are:
1. Dual Core AMD processor 2.1 - 2.4 GHz or Intel Core Duo processor 1.8-2.4 GHz
2. 3 - 4 GB of RAM DDR2 (newly model feature with DDR3 RAM)
3. 13.3 - 15.6 inches display size with resolution minimum 1280x800 to max 1440x900. Newly model has come up with LED backlight display
4. 200 - 500 GB hard drive
5. DVD burner is standard where some model equipped with Blu-ray drives
6. Bluetooth and 802.11n wireless cards should be standard
7. Six Li-Ion cell batteries with duration three to five hours
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Laptop buying tips: Notebook versus Netbook

>> Oct 2, 2009

Netbook is become more popular recently, but many people still confuse whether they have to buy netbook or notebook/laptop?. Netbook is different with Notebook. It may look like notebook/laptops, but they do not have the full capabilities of a computer. Netbook is a suplement for your main PC and the main purpose of this type of computer is solely for mobility and getting fast on the web/online.

Netbook is a mobile device that designed mainly for the internet: it makes you stay connected wherever you go, get the latest news and information, access e-mail, blogging, social networking like facebook, friendster, yuwie and more.
In regards of price, netbook's price is slightly lower than a notebook. The price is range from $200 - $750.

You may buy a netbook if:
1. You already have a main laptop/notebook/pc and looking for secondary PC that highly portable
2. You don't need high end tasks to be performed: video editing, Rendered drawing using autocad, complex design using corel draw etc
3. You don't need to play and watching DVDs
4. You need portability not processing power

Several netbook product that available on the market recently:
1. ASUS eee PC (Type T91 tablet, 1101HA, 1005HA and more)
2. Acer aspire one (i.e Acer Aspire One 751h, D250, D150, Acer Aspire One (XP))
3. MSI wind (type U115, U90X, U120 and more)
4. HP netbooks (HP mini 110, 1000, 5101 and more)
5. Toshiba netbooks (Toshiba mini NB205, Satellite L505-S6959, and more)
6. Lenovo Netbooks (Lenovo IdeaPad S12, S10-2, S10e and more)
7. Dell Inspirion Mini ( Mini 12 for windows, mini 9 for Linux)
7. Samsung Netbooks

If you are looking for PC that more powerfull with a low price, consider to buy a BUDGET NOTEBOOK. But if you want a more powerful, highly portable just get an ULTRAPORTABLE NOTEBOOK - of course the price will be a little bit higher compare to certain Netbook.

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Things to Consider Before Buy a Laptop

>> Oct 1, 2009

Nowadays, laptop or notebook has become an essential gadget in daily life. A lot of vendor produce many different type of laptops, the price range also vary depend on its feature, type and also software installed on it.
When you are going to buy a new or second hand laptop, there are several things you have to consider in order to buy the right one. First question will be: which laptop/notebook is right for you?. Please find the following answer:

1. Choose laptop by type/usage
* For Entertainment
* For Internet & E-mail
* Ultraportable
* For Gaming
* For Small Business

2. Features to consider
* Portability
* Display Size
* Processor
* System Memory
* Hard drive

3. Additional Feature
* Operating System
* Security Software
* Networking Feature

I'll give a brief explanation and also example for each laptop's type on the next posting. Different type and feature will affect on laptop price. More complete feature will drive a more expensive price. If you know what you need and also the feature, I'm sure you'll get the right laptop without being mad due to over price given.

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